Fortnite’s fifth birthday celebrations are coming

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Fortnite’s fifth birthday is nearly upon us. It’s hard to believe that the battle royale game has been taking over the world for only five years, but here we are in 2022 waiting for Fortnite to announce its running for the presidency of the world.

We’re not sure we wouldn’t vote for it at this point. To help players celebrate alongside the game, Epic is introducing a few special quests and items.

Everything kicks off on September 23 at 9 am ET, and will be a mix of in-game events alongside real-life bits too. Outside of the game, Fortography is coming back to try and get players onto social media to share their favourite birthday-themed screenshots.

You’ll also be able to hop over to the official Fortnite Twitter and Instagram accounts to take part in some Fortnite Trivia.

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