Fortnite Creative’s Item Placer device is revolutionary

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Fortnite, despite being primarily a battle royale game, actually has one of the most fascinating creative scenes going. While creative isn’t the game’s main focus, it’s undoubtedly one of the coolest ways to interact with Fortnite because some people are absurdly creative.

Just take a look at this amazing Spider-Man map if you don’t believe us, which makes full use of the Grapple Glove. Along with the ability to ride animals and hire guards, Epic also added something called the Item Placer device.

While it’s not the most inventive name, the Item Placer device, in essence, allows players to put weapons and whatnot in places that feel more natural than just a glowing, hovering orb.

It means players can create their own weapon lockers or make little weapon caches for decoration, and it should even allow for some more faithful recreations, like this version of Ammu-nation from GTA 5.

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