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Final Fantasy XIV's 6.2 patch 'Buried Memory' - New raids, trials, Island Sanctuary, and more

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Courtesy of Naoki Yoshida’s “Live Letters From the Producer” series, Final Fantasy XIV’s next patch has had some truly interesting information revealed.

Releasing later in August 2022, some highly-anticipated content is on its way to the hit MMO, courtesy of Square Enix.New trials, main story content, raids, and Island Sanctuaries are on the way, which players simply cannot wait to get into.

The article below will provide readers with all the released information about the upcoming patch.Update 6.2of Final Fantasy XIV is titled “Buried Memory”, and will take the MMO’s story in a brand-new direction when it arrives on August 23, 2022.

Now that all of reality has been saved from certain destruction, a new threat has emerged from the darkness.While details about the new Main Story Quest have not been revealed yet, players are aware that a solo quest will be added, which will be called “The Steps of Faith”.

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