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Final Fantasy 14 Reveals What's Coming With Patch 6.2

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Final Fantasy 14 is entering the mid-expansion stage for the critically acclaimed Endwalker, and as many Final Fantasy 14 fans have come to expect by now, major expansion patches are often where the game's best content can be found.

One needs to look no further than the thrilling Dragonsong Saga from Heavensward or the final Stormblood patches to know that Square Enix probably has quite a bit in store for Endwalker before it's ready to shift its focus towards the new expansion.The game's current patch, "Newfound Adventure," has introduced a plethora of long-anticipated features to the game such as Ishgard housing (and its infamous lottery system), but more importantly, it set the stage for a completely new chapter in the tale of Etheirys and its Warrior of Light.

This tale continues in Patch 6.2, «Buried Memory,» as the Void, the Thirteenth Shard lost to the reckless machinations of the Ascians, finally takes center stage for the first time since the Crystal Tower raids.Final Fantasy 14: All of Endwalker's Major Patches Will Revolve Around the VoidIn the newly released trailer for Patch 6.2, a mysterious reaper bearing an oddly familiar scythe sets the stage for this world of darkness as the wistful narration is contrasted by the pristine Island Sanctuary that Final Fantasy 14 players will finally be able to get their hands on in Buried Memory.

While all signs point that the story will focus on the former Scions of the Seventh Dawn as they undergo their first expedition into the Void alongside the dragon Vrtra, the patch also introduces two exciting additions to the endgame.The raid series for Endwalker is getting expanded as Pandaemonium's second tier releases with Buried Memory.

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