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Final Fantasy 14 Fans Think the Game Needs to Improve Its Accessibility Options for Colorblind Players

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This past week, Final Fantasy 14 issued a strong statement making it clear that third-party tools of all kinds are prohibited.

While some MMOs, World of Warcraft being one excellent example, allow add-ons that can alter user-interface elements, Final Fantasy 14 is strictly opposed to all modifications.

A serious problem has arisen from the topic, however. Colorblind Final Fantasy 14 players say that the MMO doesn't have adequate accessibility options, so third-party software is currently the only available solution.A popular post on the FFXIV subreddit from user ReviloD18 called attention to the matter recently.

ReviloD18 points to two different encounters, a dungeon encounter and a raid encounter, that specifically create issues for certain types of colorblind players.

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