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Fast X Director Louis Leterrier Rewrote The Third Act In One Night

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Fast X's production cycle was just as fast and furious as the film. Director Louis Leterrier said he only had four days to prepare for the job after first receiving a call about directing the project, and that timeframe involved some heavy lifting.Fast Xis the tenth film in The Fast and the Furious franchise and its penultimate movie.

After Justin Lin stepped down as director of Fast X, Universal's most successful franchise was without one of its key components.

Universal reached out to Leterrier to rectify this situation, who immediately agreed to sign on to the franchise (it had been his professional dream for years). RELATED: Fast X Trailer: Vin Diesel Takes On Jason Momoa In Fast And Furious 10In a new interview with Esquire Middle East, Leterrier recalled the highly unconventional hiring process for Fast X. «It was quite fast,» Leterrier said. «I mean, literally, they had shot a day, and were on hold.

I got a call from the heads of Universal saying, ‘can you call us back?’ I thought it was a butt dial. I was like, I’ll call you tomorrow.

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