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Fast-fingered champ takes home $1000 prize in Wellington's Rock Paper Scissors Championship

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Wellington held its second annual Rock Paper Scissors Championship at The Residence bar this week, with winner Zoe Rivera beating 99 fellow contestants and taking home a grand prize of $1000.

The championship was held over the course of four rounds at $5 per entry, complete with a referee - wearing a black and white striped shirt - watching for illegal moves as contestants took turns heading the stage.

Leaning over a table aglow with fairy lights, contestants' hands were thrown by young partygoers in Y2K miniskirts and middle-aged plaid dads alike, spectators cheering on with jugs of beer.

As the night progressed, the list of names called to the stage grew smaller and smaller, until only Zoe and her nemesis remained. * Curling seemed the easiest Olympic sport to master - so I gave it a go * Fighting to pay debts to targeting a world title: Sonny Bill Williams' boxing journey * Board game revived by Australian fan after tracking down Kiwi inventor Zoe said she felt "really good" about winning.

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