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Fact Check: Will Overwatch 2 replace original game?

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Gamers' curiosity has been increasing about Overwatch 2 as greater information gets revealed with time. Of course, the upcoming title has been in the making for a long time, but it's only in 2022 that Blizzard has started providing the opportunity for players to test what's being made.More importantly, it has now appeared that the upcoming sequel will replace the first game released in 2016.Overwatch truly changed the hero-shooter genre as fans got something unique.

The emphasis on the heroes' abilities and blending it with team play allowed the title lots of traction.That said, Overwatch 2 will retain some iconic characteristics from the first game.

Blizzard's plans, however, seem to revolve around adopting a new formula altogether.Earlier on June 23, a set of developers from Blizzard who are actively working on Overwatch 2 opened a "Ask Me Anything" thread.

Naturally, there were many questions in the subreddit as players have been anxious about gaining new information.Among the several important questions, Reddit user u/playerDbD asked for clarification about the "Early Access" status of the upcoming game.

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