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"F***ing cheating on your diet": Knut gets disgruntled after seeing Rich Campbell cheat on his diet

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With Camp Knut in full swing, all its participants have been under strict diet and exercise plans. However, streamer Rich Campbell was caught trying to eat junk food items that are strictly prohibited.

In a recent livestream by Vincent "Cyr", it was discovered that Rich had been cheating on his diet by eating chocolate inside their pantry closet.

Unfortunately for the OTK co-owner, he was caught red-handed by Nmplol.The hilarious clip quickly made the rounds and finally reached Knut, who responded by saying:Knut, a popular Norwegian streamer and bodybuilder, has taken full responsibility for the fitness plans of all involved streamers.

He provided diet plans and exercise routines for each and every participant of the training camp. However, Rich Campbell seems to have faltered in the second week of training after being caught eating sweets during a livestream.According to the video, he appeared to have snuck inside a pantry closet and ate some chocolate.

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