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Evo Bans 2 MultiVersus Characters and a Stage from Tournament Play

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The Evo 2022 fighting game event is underway in Las Vegas, playing host to high-level fighting game tournaments and special announcements about upcoming games in the genre.

One of the hottest new fighting games on the market is the crossover fighter MultiVersus, and so it's no surprise that it has a presence at the event.

However, Evo tournament rules have banned participants from selecting two MultiVersus fighters or fighting on one of the stages.As outlined in the MultiVersus Evo 2022 rules, characters that were added after the start of the open beta are not allowed in the tournament.

This means that both LeBron James and the Iron Giant are not available to MultiVersus tournament participants. Neither LeBron nor the Iron Giant are the game's most popular characters, but they still have their fans, and so some Evo attendees may be disappointed about their ban.MultiVersus Planning 'Big Overhaul' of Hitbox/Hurtbox SystemBesides LeBron James and the Iron Giant being banned from the character pool, one of the MultiVersus stages has also been made illegal for tournament matches.

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