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Elden Ring: Silver Scarab Talisman Location

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Many of the items, weapons, and armors in Elden Ring can be found through general exploration or obtained from bosses or questlines But there are quite a few items hidden amongst enemies that drop at ridiculously low rates, meaning players can complete an entire playthrough without ever seeing certain weapons or armors.

A good example of this is the Longhaft Axe, a weapon that is only dropped by the axe-wielding Misbegotten at an extremely low two percent drop rate.Elden Ring: How To Get Terra Magica Buff SpellThankfully, there is a way for players to increase their odds of receiving certain drops and bring those obnoxiously low drop rates up to something more manageable.

The Discovery stat directly correlates to how «lucky» players might be when farming for drops and there are ways for players to increase this stat.

Players that increase their levels in Arcane will naturally grow their Discovery stat, but those that aren't speccing into the statline can raise their Discovery in other ways.

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