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Elden Ring Players Discuss Which Creature Would Make The Best Pet

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Elden Ring is full of wonderous creatures that, if they weren't all viciously hostile, would make pretty fine companions. This is proven by Elden Ring's summoning system, letting players choose from a huge range of spirit creatures to fight alongside them.

However, we're not interested in their combat abilities right now. Today, Elden Ring players are discussing which creature, critter, or boss would make the best household pet and why.

This question was put to the Elden Ring subreddit by Redditor HighNoonian, who received a startling number of varied and well-thought answers in return.

Right out of the gates, Redditor ZPD710 comes in with the objectively correct answer by explaining how easy it would be to keep a Jar Cairn, one of the little jar boys that you meet multiple times throughout the game.

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