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Elden Ring dataminer reveals that the game might have had a ranking system at one point in development

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Recent Elden Ring datamines have revealed a lot about the game’s development process and the plethora of content that FromSoftware chose to leave out in the final version of the RPG.A recent datamining information reveals that the title might have had a ranking system during one point of its development stage.

The system seems to be a lot like the Covenants in Dark Souls, with players assigned ranked tiers based on their performance.Soulsborne dataminer StrayKurtis recently shared screenshots of some of the datamined content that they have found in Elden Ring’s files.

It shows a series of messages that were once set to be displayed when an invader was defeated. The messages read:It’s highly likely that these messages were once introduced as a sort of a faction system in the game, however, the developers removed it from the final version of Elden Ring.Dark Souls had player factions, known as Covenants, built into the game.

It allowed players to invest in a lot of PvP and PvE features that the game had to offer.With Darkwraith Covenant focused on invading players, Darkmoon was all about aiding the ones invaded.

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