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Dragon Age Origins: A Complete Gift Guide

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Gifts in Dragon Age: Origins can be complicated, especially during a first play-through of the game, as there are different types of gifts from regular ones to those that certain characters prefer, and there are even some plot-relevant gifts.

Some are hard to find while others are incredibly easy. RELATED: Dragon Age Origins: How To Romance Leliana Players may want to get max approval from companions not just because of the story, but because maxing out their approval gives them skill bonuses. So, if you need some help figuring out which gift to give to each of the giftable characters, look no further than this comprehensive guide. Updated July 29, 2022, by Gabrielle Huston: There are dozens of gifts to be found in Dragon Age: Origin, and many of them are preferred by certain characters!

We've reorganized this guide by companion so that you can find the best gifts for your favorite party members. Dragon Age: Origins has a gift-giving system for the companions that the other games do not, and it's an easy way to increase approval with companions.

In this sense, gifts are particularly valuable for players who may make roleplay choices that certain characters really disapprove of.

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