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Dragon Age 4 Will Likely Change How Players See The Chantry Forever

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Dragon Age 4 is taking players to Tevinter, a location known well for its oppressive systems of power overseen by powerful mages.

Despite not going to Tevinter in previous games, dedicated fans already know a lot about this nation, its history, culture, and even some of its characters.

One aspect of the nation that fans are prepared to learn more about is its Chantry, also known as the Imperial Chantry.The Imperial Chantry is fascinating, as it takes Andrastianism and changes it for the nation's values.

Not only that, but the plot of Dragon Age 4 may also challenge Chantry teachings, as more may be learned by what Coryhpeus meant when the Maker's seat was empty (especially considering Solas plans to tear down the Veil).

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