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Dr Disrespect Has Interesting Idea for Balancing Controller Vs. Mouse and Keyboard Gameplay in His Game

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Dr Disrespect is well known in the world of gaming for a lot of reasons. For example, he has a persona that is instantly recognizable to his numerous fans on YouTube due to his black mullet, red vest, and cool shades.

However, beyond his over-the-top attitude, the Doc also has a history with game design. And not long ago, he decided to put that passion back to work as he announced last December that he had started his own AAA development studio called Midnight Society in order to make a new video game.

Despite details about the project being sparse, every now and again, fans learn some possible ideas for the game from the Doc himself during his weekly live streams.

Recently, Dr Disrespect revealed an unusual way to potentially balance the power of aim assist on a controller against the precision aim of a mouse in his game.

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