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Do You Need Paddles on Your Game Controllers?

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Rear paddles are an increasingly common inclusion on game controllers, but they’re not included on the controller that comes with your Xbox or PlayStation.

So what’s the big deal with paddles, and is it worth investing in a new controller to get access to them?Rear paddles are (unsurprisingly) found on the back of the controller and operated with the fingers you usually don’t use while holding a game controller.

Instead of simply gripping the controller, you can use your index or pinky finger to hit a paddle, which can be mapped to a different button on the controller.These paddles are usually easy to remap on the fly, which means you can quickly change which input they correspond to depending on the game you are playing.

Some controllers have profiles that allow you to save your setup. You might find controllers have a single paddle on each side, while others have more than one.These paddles are ideal for mapping face buttons in first-person shooters but have all sorts of utility.

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