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Disguised Toast reveals why he created DSG, says he's trying to get happiness "by siphoning joy from other people"

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Twitch streamer Jeremy Wang, also known as "Disguised Toast" took to the Wisemen podcast, which is co-hosted by 100 Thieves' Hiko, to give his take on introducing his pro esports team.Jeremy recently inducted himself into the world of esports after announcing his own pro Valorant esports team earlier this month.

He confirmed that it will be called "Disguised" or simply "DSG." So far the roster includes Josh "steel," Drake "Exalt," Damion "XXiF," Amgalan "Genghsta," and Joseph "clear."Speaking on the Wisemen podcast, Disguised Toast stated that his primary objective was:The streamer tackled some of the interesting questions posed to him on the recent Wisemen podcast.

Co-host Slasher asked the streamer for his opinions on entering the esports scene when the industry is going through a relative recession.

He added:In response, the 31-year-old stated:(Timestamp: 00:53:15)He continued:He also spoke about clear, who is on his Valorant roster.

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