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"Definitely an improvement": Fans react to changes in Caldera in Call of Duty Warzone Season 4

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Call of Duty Warzone has received significant changes with the release of the Season 4 update. From the new Fortune's Keep Resurgence map to Caldera, the player base is experiencing a lot of brand new content.Players are feeling nostalgic with the arrival of Verdansk's Storage Town on the south-west side of Mines in Caldera.

Quite a few micro-points-of-interest (POI) have been added to various locations on the map. Along with this, the map has received more upheaval due to a 50% decrease in the amount of vegetation, thus giving better visibility throughout the map.As usual, the opinion of the player base is split over these changes.

While some are welcoming the new changes that have come to the map, others are not as excited about it, with some being irritated with new glitches that have popped along with the new update.With the release of the Mercenaries of Fortune patch, the fan base is split over the changes that have come to Caldera.One player who goes by Twitter username FlankFacts has reacted quite positively to the changes, especially regarding the prunning of vegetation on the map.

They also praised the placement location of Storage Town on the southwest side of Mines.However, not everyone is hyped up about the new changes.

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