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DanMachi IV: Episode 3 "Parasite (Viscum Album)" Review

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The following contains spoilers for Episode 3 of DanMachi IV, «Parasite (Viscum Album)» now streaming on HIDIVE.The first true terror of DanMachi IV has revealed itself and the promises of a darker season this time around were not exaggerated.

While the odds are certainly stacked against the party this week, there was a sense of hope and optimism throughout that felt well-earned and is keeping the hype going.Last week, a mysterious monster appeared at the end and attacked the party with a projectile attack.

It hit Chigusa and began spreading a plant-like infection through her just as it had through the other survivor, Luvis, and all the other adventurers caught in the monster's traps.DanMachi IV: Episode 2 «The Great Falls» ReviewThe more intelligent the monster appears the more frightening its brutality is, as proud adventurers are robbed of arms and legs and found hiding in fear.

It's an uncomfortable sight that conveys the proper threat without indulging in the violence too long. The start of the episode follows the party assessing the situation.These conversations that break up the major fight scenes can be useful for summarizing the learned information, introducing new facts, and creating tension through discord.

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