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Cyclops' Powers Just Became An Unlikely Weapon In The Marvel Universe

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Warning! Spoilers for Marvel Meow Infinity Comic #6 by Marvel Comics The X-Men's Cyclops has one of the most recognizable powers in comics, as the Marvel hero's optic blasts have become a defining characteristic for the hero.

However, in Marvel Meow Infinity Comic #6 from Marvel Comics, Scott Summers finds a new use for his powers after Wolverine unleashes a handful of cats on Krakoa by turning it into a laser pointer that a feline can play with.

Cyclops' optic blasts from his visor are one of the coolest mutant powers among the X-Men. The long, powerful red blasts that Scott Summers can shoot out of his eyes deliver a powerful concussive force, which is often mistaken as heat vision.

Cyclops' powers have been complicatedly overexplained over the years, leading to even Marvel being confused by what he's even capable of doing with his optic blasts.

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