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Core Keeper x Terraria crossover brings a boss and a pet to each game

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Core Keeper is all about exploring caves and crafting items from the resources found during your journey. Terraria’s crafting mechanics are also central to the game, as you journey across its side-scrolling voxel world.

With such similar premises, a crossover seemed inevitable. Now, Core Keeper developer Pugstorm and Terraria team Re-Logic are finally teaming up.

Core Keeper’s event page on Steam has the announcement. “Core Keeper and Terraria are both sandbox games with a focus on exploration and adventure,” it reads, “and we’ve been in discussion with Re-Logic for a little while now about ways that we could come together to celebrate both games with our respective communities.” Turns out the best way to do that is to simply bring a monster from one game into the other.

Starting September 26, Terraria’s King Slime will be available as a boss summon in Core Keeper. King Slime isn’t necessarily the hardest boss in Terraria, but he will be quite a challenge in Core Keeper nonetheless.

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