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Bungie discusses delving into trauma in Destiny 2’s Season of the Haunted and almost bringing back Cayde-6

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Season of the Haunted in Destiny 2 was not an easy thing to tackle for the characters in the story. The narrative team at Bungie took on these subjects with care and respect, showing the tragedies the featured characters had endured, why the trauma continued to haunt them, and how they overcame it.

To provide further background on this subject, the team at Bungie has shared an in-depth behind-the-scenes blog post breaking down how Season of the Haunted came to be with narrative directors Robert Brookes and Nikko Stevens.

The team also briefly discusses how they almost brought back a fan-favorite character: Cayde-6. The foundation for Season of the Haunted began within the first month of Brookes’ time at Bungie, where the team discussed a potential exotic quest.

The quest featured a derelict ship that had been lost within the rings of Saturn and returned. However, the team couldn’t find any good foundation or reason for these pieces to fit into the narrative. “We had talked about possibly involving the Cabal,” Brookes shared, “but I remember someone said that we should do some kind of spooky ghost ship.” Thus, the idea of what would be on a haunted ship was eagerly discussed, along with the ideas from the 1997 science-fiction horror movie Event Horizon, to help influence the narrative team’s direction.

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