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Cobra Kai: Johnny's Season 5 Story Risks Undoing Robby's S4 Ending

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Johnny’s Mexico plan in Cobra Kai season 5 risks undoing Robby’s season 4 ending. After spending most of the show on bad terms with his father, Robby experienced a chance of heart in the season 4 finale.

It seems that despite all the problems they’ve had, a father-and-son reconciliation is currently unfolding. The first Cobra Kai season 5 trailer provides a taste of what the show has in store for Johnny and Robby when the Netflix series returns.

It was no secret that Johnny would go to Mexico City to find Miguel, but now it’s known that he won’t be alone on this journey.

Apparently, Robby will be along for the ride. It looks like both characters will play major roles in bringing Miguel back to the Valley.

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