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Bungie responds to the Destiny 2 community regarding permanent Trials freelance

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Trials of Osiris is the most competitive PvP activity in Destiny 2 right now. It comes every weekend and stays for four days.Guardians from all over the world take on each other to gain a flawless card.

However, during this process, a lot of things went right and wrong, as a live service PvP audience isn't easy to please.Throughout the years, players have seen numerous changes and tweaks to the game mode.

Bungie changed the matchmaking and further added freelance to the playlist, which saw a spike in player count. Both new and veteran players were able to compete against other Guardians close to their skill-set instead of those who have gone flawless.Bungie recently replied to a tweet when they were asked if the freelance game mode has any chance of becoming a permanent thing in the future.Freelance is a game mode that is often given to PvP game modes in Destiny 2, such as Iron Banner, Gambit and Trials of Osiris.

It allows players to pit themselves against other players who are playing alone without having a communication advantage between their lobby members.Since its release, freelance and revamped matchmaking have seen a significant increase in player count.

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