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BOTW's Prizewinning Fish Is Still Eluding Players Years After Launch

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Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild player spending their time fishing in the game just discovered the Sanke Carp, which is known as a prizewinning fish in Hyrule, for the first time in 50 playthroughs.

This surprising discovery proves that even five years after its initial release, Breath of the Wild has many secrets that fans are still discovering to this day.

Breath of the Wild's expansive open-world has given players hundreds of hours' worth of gameplay and numerous discoveries to make.

Despite the fact that the title was released in 2017, its vast world is still surprising BOTW players with new discoveries. Aside from traditional exploration, fans of the game have exploited glitches to test the limits of Hyrule, and mastered the game's extensive combat systems to pull off impressive combos, sometimes discovering new enemy behaviors in the process.

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