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"Back on Twitch" - Dr DisRespect shockingly gets featured on a Fornite ad on Twitch

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YouTube Gaming star Dr DisRespect is apparently "back on Twitch," however, not in the way his fans have wanted. There is a big catch here.

Earlier today, Doc was featured in a Fortnite advertisement on Twitch that elicited quite a few interesting reactions from viewers.While Doc comfortably continued his streaming journey on YouTube after his Twitch ban, a big chunk of his followers still wanted to see him return to Twitch.

Their wish might have been fulfilled the wrong way here as Doc made a small appearance in Twitch's Fortnite advertisement on the purple platform alongside some of the biggest creators, including the Queen of YouTube, Rachel "Valkyrae".Despite being permanently banned on Twitch, Dr DisRespect has just made a shocking appearance on Twitch.

However, it's not what many fans believe it to be. It wasn't during his own livestream, or anyone else's for that matter. It was during a Fortnite advertisement, of all things.The advertisement featured a variety of content creators, including Valkyrae, Sykkuno, and others.

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