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Atomic Heart is a Smart Shooter Packed Full of Surprises

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Atomic Heart wears its influences on its sleeve. It’s a graphic first-person shooter packed with superpower-like abilities and owes a lot to classics of the genre, Bioshock and Half-Life.

However, that doesn’t mean it hasn’t got many of its own unique ideas and surprises also hidden up that same sleeve, and from playing a considerable amount of Mundfish’s debut, I’ve found there’s a lot to be excited about.

Atomic Heart lulls you into familiar territory straight off the bat, albeit in a very unfamiliar world. Its opening takes obvious cues from Bioshock Infinite’s masterful introduction to Columbia as you take a leisurely trip through a peaceful alternate-history Soviet city.

Thanks to the big brains at the fictional Facility 3826, robots have been integrated into society and help relieve the public from everyday stresses and labour.

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