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Asteroid alert! Bus-sized monster rock speeding towards Earth at 19932kmph, says NASA

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Today, there is a potentially hazardous rocky visitor that will come extremely close to Earth! Though, countless asteroids keep zooming past the Earth at astonishing speed, most of them burn up in the atmosphere itself.

However, some reach the ground with catastrophic consequences, while others are too small to do any damage. You must have heard about the destructive asteroid impact due to the Chicxulub collision which resulted in the mass extinction of most dinosaurs on Earth around 66 million years ago, and of many other species.Now, a bus-sized asteroid is on its way to Earth!

To calculate the potential threat from an asteroid or near-Earth object (NEO), NASA keeps a close eye on all the upcoming asteroids and comets.

One such asteroid is 2023 AE1, which measures 42-foot in diameter and it is fast approaching Earth.It is not the size but the main concern is it will make a terrifyingly close approach of just 0.9 million miles to Earth!

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