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Asteroid alert! Huge asteroid speeding towards Earth; Clocked at a fearsome 24204 kmph

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If you're wondering about asteroid flybys, then know that they are not an uncommon phenomenon. In fact, small-sized asteroids fly past Earth nearly every day.

Despite the relatively close distance of approach, these space rocks pass safely and most of them burn up in the atmosphere itself and rarely do any of these space rocks touch the surface.

If you're wondering about planet-killing asteroids, they take a trip to Earth every few million years. To end all life on Earth, an asteroid would have to be about 96 km wide, according to NASA.Although nearly not as big, an aircraft-sized asteroid is all set to make a close approach to Earth today, January 26.

NASA has revealed all the details about this asteroid.Space agencies around the world, including NASA are on alert as a gigantic aircraft-sized asteroid is all set to buzz Earth today, January 26.

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