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Apex Legends: Why Skull Town Was So Polarizing

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Kings Canyon was notably absent from Apex Legends' twelfth season, Saviors. As has become a tradition in the battle royale game, one map is removed from the Apex Legends' map rotation every season (probably so that the in-game organizers of The Syndicate can repair the damage done by the legends).

Regardless of the reason, players have had a long enough break from Apex Legends' first map that they are ready to come back and wreak havoc in it once again.As seen in the trailers for the game's upcoming season, Hunted, the legends are indeed coming back to a revamped Kings Canyon.

New map rotations, updated points of interest (POIs), and most shocking of all, the spiritual return of the map's infamous Skull Town will await players this coming August 9.

But before anyone can drop into Relic, the new POI that will replace Skull Town, it pays to look back at what made the original location so notorious.Armor Swapping Is A Small But Important Part of Apex Legends' GameplaySkull Town was a POI introduced in the original Kings Canyon map.

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