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Apex Legends Season 13 Character Tier List

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Season 13 of Apex Legends is officially here, and with it comes some sweeping adjustments to the game, ranging from major Ranked Match changes to weapon and character tuning.

A new map update is now live, as well as a brand-new character: Newcastle. This Legend, who also happens to be Bangalore's presumed-dead brother, has brought a major shift in the meta which brings the rise of defensive Legends — including Rampart.As with all Apex Legends tier lists, these characters are first sorted into their tiers, and the tiers are then sorted alphabetically.

Here is the Apex Legends Season 13 character tier list.Newcastle Has Unique Finisher for Bangalore in Apex LegendsAsh — Ash specializes in following up on an engagement and hunting targets down as they try to flee.

Thanks to Ash's Arc Snare, she can slow enemies who are trying to run, and her Passive — Marked for Death — allows her to get clues on where enemies have run.

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