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Apex Legends Mobile's Rhapsody Is Designed With Potential Metas In Mind, Including The Scan Meta

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Apex Legends Mobile Season 2 has been going well, in large part due to the battle royale game's latest playable legend, Rhapsody.

Like Fade, Rhapsody is described as a «mobile-first» legend, which means she's exclusive to the mobile spin-off of Apex Legends--at least for now.

As a full-time DJ and part-time hacker, Rhapsody is an incredibly fun support legend, possessing powerful sound-based abilities that disrupt opponents and enhance her allies.

At the start of Season 2, many players--myself included--believed Rhapsody was put into Apex Legends Mobile as early as she was for her ultimate ability, Rowdy's Rave, which erects a flashing wall of light that blocks an opponent's sight and scans.

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