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Apex Legends Hardcore Royale: Everything to know about the upcoming game mode, release date, and more

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To celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year, Apex Legends will be releasing the Celestial Sunrise Collection Event on January 24, 2023, along with a brand new game mode.Called Hardcore Royale, the upcoming LTM is a brand new take on Apex Legends' battle royale formula.

It will feature major gameplay tweaks as players will be required to use their game knowledge and intuition to the fullest if they wish to be crowned the Apex Champions.Commemorating the Year of the Rabbit, the Celestial Sunrise Collection Event will also be offering 24 limited-time in-game cosmetics, the reactive Jadeite Retribution Peacekeeper skin, an updated Store tab with bundles and fa-favorite skins, an unlockable Reward Track, and much more.Apex Legends is well-known for its fast-paced action and adrenaline-pumping combat in a team-based battle royale formula that takes place in the Titanfall universe.

With the release of the Celestial Sunrise Collection Event, Apex Legends is introducing Hardcore Royale LTM, which, as the name suggests, will take the game's difficulty up a notch.Unlike Takeover Events, which replace the normal Battle Royale game modes, Hardcore Royale will be a separate, limited-time offering that will only be playable during the collection event.

Like Ranked, it will be accessible to players whose account level is 20 and above.The brand new LTM will be available from January 24 until February 7, and will introduce the following changes and gameplay tweaks to Apex Legends' battle royale:Apex Legends' detailed and informative HUD is a crucial aspect of the game.

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