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All 5 Genshin Impact chess piece locations: Where to find Temple of Gurabad and other pieces

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Genshin Impact 3.4 has introduced the Desert of Hadramaveth, a new region for players to explore. Gamers can find tons of new resources and puzzles to solve in this new area.

During their exploration of the region, players might also come across a chessboard puzzle that can be found and solved to access a new world quest, Apocalypse Lost.

To initiate this World Quest, players will need to find five different chess pieces and place them on the board. Most of these items can be found during the Dirge of Bilqis questline, but they are easy to miss.

This article will outline the locations of all the chess pieces in Genshin Impact.Safhe Shatranj is a hidden area in Genshin Impact that you can discover in the new desert region of the patch 3.4 update.

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