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Genshin Impact Mysterious Stone Slate locations in the Desert of Hadramaveth

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Genshin Impact recently released a new desert region in Sumeru known as the Desert of Hadramaveth, which includes a bunch of puzzles, time challenges, chests, and World Quests such as The Dirge of Bilqis.

This questline is a sequel to Golden Slumber, and some parts of it involve venturing into the huge underground ruins located north of The Dune of Carouses.

Inside that area are a few locked rooms that contain chests, which can only be opened using Mysterious Stone Slates. This guide will offer the locations for all six of those items.Most of the Mysterious Stone Slates are hidden inside secret rooms and can only be found by using the power of Jinni in the Magic Bottle.

To unlock its ability, you must complete the Apocalyse Lost World Quest in Genshin Impact.You can start your search for the first slate by teleporting to the top of the cliff in The Sands of Three Canals.

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