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All 6 Jinn Shrine locations in Genshin Impact: How to unlock Mysterious Stone Slates

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There are six Jinn Shrine locations in Genshin Impact, each with a Mysterious Stone Slate. Travelers may wish to get all of them to unlock two Precious Chests and The Nameless City's Past achievement.

To get those rewards, players must go to the temple near the southwest Safhe Shatranj Teleport Waypoint.Two doors in that area accept three Mysterious Stone Slates.

These two separate entrances lead Genshin Impact players to two rooms, each with a Precious Chest. Travelers are required to complete most of the Dirge of Bilqis quest series to get their Jinni in the Magic Bottle to Level 3.The first thing Travelers will want to know is the exact location of all the Mysterious Stone Slates in Genshin Impact.

Fortunately, the above map should clarify where their general placements are in the Desert of Hadramaveth.It doesn't matter which order you visit each location, so feel free to go to any of the areas shown above however you'd like.

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