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Adorable Fan Art Imagines Spheal As Different Ice Cream Flavors

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The world of Pokemon is filled with many unusual pocket monsters that often feature unique designs. Sometimes the looks of these Pokemon take inspiration from real-world objects and wildlife.

Several examples include the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet starter Quaxly, who looks like a duck, and Magnemite, who resembles a magnet.

In addition, Spheal is another Pokemon that has a design based on a real-life animal. As the name suggests, Spheal looks similar to a seal.

It has a circular shape with short flippers on the sides of its body. While the Pokemon might resemble a seal, that did not stop one gamer from comparing it to another real-world object; one that is less apparent but much more appetizing. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Fan Designs Their Own Starter Shiny VariantsRecently one gamer known as ariamisu on Reddit decided to mix Pokemon and ice cream in a piece of artwork they made, and they chose to feature Spheal from the Pokemon series in the image.

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