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"A Chinese browser shooter plays better than Battlefield 2042": Community wants DICE to bring back favorite features

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It is well-known that Battlefield 2042 will have a successor, as was reported by industry insiders. CEO Andrew Wilson has touched upon the company's attempts to find the proper way to continue with the series.

This has once again led to fans expressing their opinions about what they would like to see with the next games. For many, the solution to the problem is quite simple; they want DICE to tone down the number of changes it has made.Many feel that the path taken by DICE and EA has been the main reason for the game being a failure.

Decisions like amultiplayer-only experience require additional substances that have been missing. This has led to Battlefield 2042 becoming a disaster for EA.

As they plan on making more games in the future, the onus is on the devs to research from the ground up what went wrong. Bringing elements from older games could be a good start for many players, as they have repeatedly requested those.The main post was made by Reddit user VinniGreti.

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