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5 worst video game DLCs of all time

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Video game DLCs have mixed memories when it comes to the gaming community. DLCs stand for any additional content released digitally, and players have to download it to expand their in-game experience.The method is old, but current times have seen more and more video games relying on it.

These DLCs are made available as paid and free options and mostly depend on the game and its publishers.There have been some brilliant DLCs of video games in the past.

More often than not, they tend to be matters of controversy, which have increased in recent times.The next five names might not be the latest in terms of their occurrence, but their respective fan bases have hated them for different reasons.The Kingdom Hearts series has a devoted fan base who have invested their time in several video games of the series.

The overall reception of Kingdom Hearts III was quite positive, as players loved the game's core.When the DLC called Re: Mind was announced, fans were naturally excited.

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