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5 Wordle solver tools to help you keep your streak alive

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When Wordle first launched you were on your own: just five squares, 26 letters, and your brain. But the huge viral success of the game soon created an entire industry encompassing Wordle alternatives, helper tools, and Wordle hints articles such as my own.All of which means that it's a lot easier to get help with Wordle today, if you choose to.

And you should — because even if you don't use any Wordle solver tools while you're playing, they can definitely improve your game if you consult them afterward.Below, you'll find 5 Wordle solver tools and resources to level up your game and ensure your streak is safe for another day. What is it?WordleBot was launched by the NYT in April 2022 with two objectives: help people improve their game and persuade people to sign up to an NYT subscription.

Obviously, they wouldn't admit to the latter, but it's pretty clear to me that you don't create a tool like this and then put it behind a paywall if that's not one of the aims.The idea is that you access it after you've completed your daily Wordle (it won't work before that) and it will analyze your game and give you helpful feedback.And you get plenty of it.

For a start, WordleBot will tell you exactly what words it would have played on each turn. I've learned, for instance, that LINED is a great choice if I get a yellow R and E on the first guess, and that SLATE is the best Wordle starting word (though I ignore its advice on that front).It also tells you how many options remained after each guess, what other players chose, and what the overall average score for each game was.

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