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5 video games that portray the horrors of war

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Video games have a wide variety of topics and themes when it comes to all the titles that have been produced over the years.

As games have become more realistic, they often take upon concepts closely related to human life.One of the most important topics that has often been used as a subject in video games is wars.

Some video games emphasize the shooter elements and are geared towards providing action to the players.The next five games, however, walk a different path.

Be it directly or indirectly. These five titles show the hazards and ugly sides of wars. Some do it as part of a particular mission, while others portray it throughout the game's entirety.Whichever case it might be, these five video games perfectly narrate the negative fallout of wars.Wolfenstein video games have always focussed on providing action and enjoyment over depicting the accuracies of a war.

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