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5 Simpsons Episodes That Would've Made A Satisfying Series Finale

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For more than three decades, The Simpsons has been one of the most iconic TV shows on the air. After so long, it might be too late to end the series in a satisfying way with a definitive finale episode that brings the stories of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie to a natural conclusion with a real sense of finality.

Simpsons fans have enjoyed more than 700 episodes across 33 seasons, and it’s still going strong with a 34th season on the way.It’s by far the longest-running primetime scripted series in the history of U.S.

television. The Simpsons was one of the many valuable assets that Disney picked up in its very expensive acquisition of 21st Century Fox.

Since the Mouse House wants some bang for its buck, it probably won’t let the producers end the series any time soon. But The Simpsons has already aired a few episodes that would’ve made a fitting series finale.The Magical Combination Missing From Modern Simpsons EpisodesSimpsons fans would’ve missed out on a lot of great Golden Age episodes if this was the last one, but season 4’s “Lisa’s First Word” would’ve marked a heartfelt conclusion to the Simpsons’ story.

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