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5 female Twitch streamers who got DMCA’d on livestream

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With the exponential growth of streaming, it has become a lucrative vocation for many streamers across the globe. Especially during the pandemic, the growth of streaming on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube skyrocketed.However, streaming is also a volatile profession where content creators often face a lot of impediments.

Among the most frustrating obstructions that a streamer can face is the problem of getting served with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act or simply DMCA.DMCA is a law that monitors and addresses the rights and claims of copyright owners who claim that their ownership of a digital product has been infringed.

In other words, DMCA addresses the grievances of people whose properties have been stolen or misused without their knowledge.

In this listicle, readers will find five female streamers who have been DMCA'd on livestream.Kristen "KittyPlays" is a 30-year-old Canadian Twitch personality popular for playing various games on her Twitch channel, including Fortnite.

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