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5 best Salt and Sacrifice tips for beginners

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For those uninitiated to the Souls-like genre of video games, Ska Studios’ Salt and Sacrifice can indeed be a brutal experience.

The RPG does not hold the player’s hand when guiding them through the narrative, and they are left with their own devices to figure out some of the more difficult mechanics in the game.However, with a little know-how, the game's initial progression can be made significantly easier, and players can have a better time in the RPG as they try and learn some of the key features that Salt and Sacrifice bring to the table.Hence, today’s guide will talk about some of the tips and tricks that adventurers can employ when starting the game for the very first time.The points addressed below will go over some of the more confusing mechanics of the game and what players should keep in mind before they begin character creation.Like any Souls-like title, it’s also very important to pick the right class in Salt and Sacrifice.

With eight classes to choose from in the RPG, fans are advised to pick one whose playstyle they are most comfortable with.However, for absolute beginners, it’s advised that they either opt for the Paladin or the Cleric.

The Paladin is one of the tankier classes in the game and comes equipped with the easy-to-use Vanguard-class weapon of Sword and Shield.

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