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15 Fun Ideas for What to Build in Minecraft

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When it comes to Minecraft, at some point you'll likely ask yourself "what on earth do I build?" Perhaps you’ve booted up Minecraft and created a new world after being away from the game for a while.

Or, maybe you're feeling bored right now, and that happens too! In the end, the equivalent of writer's block slaps you in the face, and you need some creative ideas for your next Minecraft build. (Need to start with a guide first?

We have you covered with the Minecraft Building guide).Never fear, as we’ve compiled a shortlist of the best things to dedicate your time and build talent to with these fun Minecraft build ideas:Tried and true, a house is a necessity for almost every Minecraft player.

We’ve all started with the hole in the dirt, or the tiny wooden box for the first couple of nights. But rather than settle for a bland, flat box for a home, why not strive to create something that reflects you and your passions?

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