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10 Pokemon That Should Replace Pikachu As The Franchise’s Mascot

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Pikachu has long held the title of mascot for the franchise but with so many different Pokémon characters out there, perhaps it's time for Pikachu to share the spotlight with someone else.

There are over 1,000 Pokémon that have been added to the Pokédex in the last 25 years, and with Ash and his Pikachu retiring from the anime series, it's likely a new mascot will emerge.

Every fan has their favorite Pokémon, and there are some who have gained enough popularity that they could possibly even dethrone Pikachu.

Originally, the franchise's mascot was not supposed to be Pikachu but could have been Clefairy or Poliwhirl, however, the little electric squirrel won over the hearts of the fans.

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