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YouTuber Builds Massive Xbox Series X Console, And It Actually Works

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Since Xbox revealed the Xbox Series X fridge back in 2020, many Xbox fans have speculated on if Microsoft could've gone all the way in making a playable Xbox Series X the same size as the fridge.

One YouTube content creator has done exactly that as they've built a massive playable Xbox Series X console that has been donated to the YMCA Youth and Teen Development Center in Atlanta, Georgia.YouTuber Michael Pick posted a video of his creation of a giant playable Xbox Series X console on June 20, complete with instructions on how a dedicated Xbox fan could do the same at home.

Part of the inspiration for Michael Pick's DIY project was the Xbox Series X fridge that Xbox gave away during a contest around the launch of the new-gen console, which he noticed some missing details in.

Since then, Xbox fans could purchase their own Xbox mini-fridge, but Michael Pick wasn't content to stop there.Xbox Cloud Gaming Is Getting Keyboard and Mouse Support in the FutureBecause Michael Pick's Xbox Series X creation stands at six and a half feet, the giant frame comfortably houses an actual Xbox Series X console inside an easily opened drawer in the back of the unit.

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