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“You can’t accept one without the other” - Twitch streamer Squeex's take on big streamers complaining about Reddit hate threads

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During a recent livestream, Twitch streamer and Super Mario 64 speed runner Squeex provided his thoughts and opinions regarding high-profile streaming personalities.He went on a minute-long rant about streamers who complain about hate threads that go viral on social media platforms and particularly on the streamer-oriented subreddit r/LivestreamFail.Squeex stated that if Twitch streamers expect an unearned positive reception from their viewers, they should also be prepared to receive unearned hate from them.

While speaking on the subject, the speed runner compared positive reactions with negative reactions and said:Squeex hosted his speed-running livestream earlier today and during the initial moments of his broadcast, the streamer mentioned that he came across a post on Twitter that really angered him.A Twitter conversation thread was made by a relatively popular streamer who was seemingly complaining about toxicity and the struggles a content creator on Twitch goes through.The tweet was the catalyst for the conversation that the streamer initiated with his fans.

While he was at it, Squeex mentioned:He continued further, saying:He added:Timestamp: 00:24:48The Twitch streamer then stated that content creators on the livestreaming platform cannot accept positivity without any hate.

His take continued further when he mentioned:His minute-long rant came to an end when he said:The Twitch streamer proceeded to go back to his speedrunning and continued to stream for six more hours.The reaction thread on r/LivestreamFail attracted a dozen replies and fans provided their take on the streamer's opinion.

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