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World of Warcraft Should Adopt Overwatch 2’s Roadmap

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One of the biggest issues that online games face is content droughts. Sometimes, players will complete content faster than developers can make it, or resources will be pulled off to focus on larger projects.

Overwatch suffered from content drought as the studio focused on Overwatch 2, and World of Warcraft also faces this issue on a regular basis as players have to wait months between major patches.

This issue is not exclusive to Blizzard games, as so many online titles like Final Fantasy 14 also get accused of lacking content.Overwatch 2 is hoping to fix this issue by introducing a nine-week content roadmap.

This will keep the game fresh and introduce a steady stream of content for players to chew through. Blizzard's other large online title, World of Warcraft, may also be able to benefit from a system like this.

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